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Growing up in a small town in South Wales, UK I never could have dreamt that I would end up living on 10 acres in Christchurch, New Zealand with my beautiful family …literally LIVING THE DREAM!!!

Our life today is one of FREEDOM!

Time Freedom, Financial Freedom, Stress Freedom, Lifestyle Freedom.

But life used to be very different!

I’ve always strived for more…I guess you could say I’ve never been happy to just settle for the norm.  I always knew that if I found the right path, I could do well.  I’m very competitive, and although I’m not always the best…I will always work hard to achieve what I want.

Before I became a Mum I had a very busy career as an IT Consultant.  I had worked my way up the ranks with my dedication and willingness to learn.

We lived in London in a tiny apartment overlooking the river Thames.  My job took me all over the UK…flying from this airport to that, spending hours on motorways dealing with constant traffic jams or on packed train stations, trying to get to where I needed to go.

I worked long hours, traveling hundreds of miles a week, and staying away from home often.  I loved it, but it was a very challenging and exhausting job.

I knew once I had a family, there was no way I could go back to that way of life.

I loved being a stay-at-home Mum, but after a few years at home with the kids I really needed to do something for me.  I needed something else.  Something that would still challenge me, but also fit in with my family’s needs.  I needed an income, but I didn’t want to sacrifice time with my precious children.

Maybe you can relate in some way?

So a few years ago I got involved with network marketing.  I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that if other people could be successful in this industry…then so could I!  I loved the products I was promoting and felt sure that everyone else would too.

My upline told me to talk to everyone I knew…hold home parties…pitch the waiter or the checkout assistant…everyone was a prospect!  After several months of following this advice and getting nowhere I decided there had to be a better way.

I started learning how to use social media to work online and build a network so I could reach more people.  There was so much information, I really didn’t know which way to turn.  It all sounded so complicated!  Eventually after much trial and error I had some success, but I was frustrated.

The amount of time I was putting in to growing my business, supporting my team and increasing my knowledge was taking over my life.  My kids were telling me that I spent more time on the computer than I did playing with them!!

And they were right! But it was the only way to stay on top of things and keep my business growing.  So much for being a stay-at-home Mum!  I was missing out on so much.

Something had to change!

I needed to find something that I could spend a focused amount of time on and produce massive results, without neglecting my family along the way.

But there is so much choice out there!  It’s overwhelming and how do you know what works and who to trust?

It took some time to find what was right for me, but I did!  After going around in circles for what seemed like forever, I saw some posts from a Facebook friend.  She was regularly posting about her success and she had just qualified for a new car!  I followed one of her links and began to receive her emails.  It sounded like just what I had been searching for.

I’m going to share with you the 3 things that changed my life…

1. Finding a mentor – someone who was already having the success I wanted and who could teach me what to do.

2. Becoming a student – I just wanted to learn everything my mentor had to teach.  After all it was working for her!

3. Finding a system I could follow step-by-step.

I have always worked well when given a plan to follow…a system to implement so to speak.  So this seemed perfect for me.

The training was laid out in easy to follow steps and it even provided me with a coach to help me every step of the way!  Finally all the information I had gathered over the last couple of years trying to make it online by myself made sense.  The pieces of the puzzle were coming together and I could see how I was finally going to be able to make this work.

Now with a proven system and an amazing mentor, I spend only 30-60 minutes a day working on my online business.  While everything ticks along in the background I am pottering in the garden or going on a school trip with the kids, catching up with a friend for coffee or going to the gym for a workout.  All the things I had neglected doing when I was trying to stay afloat in my network marketing business.

Yet the best part for me in this whole journey has been how I can now help other people to go from struggling in their own business to having success.  By following the same system I use and letting me help you, just like my mentor has helped me.

So if you are fed up of spending so much time on your business and you’re ready to start living a life of freedom too, send me a message… I would love to help.

You can take a look at the system I am using to create my life of freedom here

Your Path To Freedom

Make the decision today to create your life of freedom!

Sarah x

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